Bits and Pieces

Some projects are done and dusted in a matter of days or a week or two and for that period there is one single focus to what you are doing. At other times, projects like Landscapes of Remembrance are still ongoing after more that a year. As with any process there are different phases of activity and we will have projects at various stages of production.

At the moment, I have just finished script editing three training films for the Gateway Project at York Explore and Archives. We will have a final script meeting with the client before filming at the end of the month. I’m aiming for clarity, accuracy and simplicity – can the viewer understand what is meant? Are all the facts correct? Is the dialogue easy to speak? A phrase that looks good on paper may be difficult to say out loud, or sound too formal.

I’ve also sent a copy to someone who will be adding BSL signing as part of Explore’s commitment to accessibility so that she can get a feel of the project and check out any technical terms that might crop up. When the edit has been approved by the client, it’ll be uploaded and I’ll send a link and a transcript to the signer so she can prepare for filming in December.

Simon Collins, of York Filming & Editing, and I have been preparing for a couple of days filming at a conference in York, working out the best way to capture the event and make it available to those who were unable to make it. We’ll be using 4 cameras and a Tascam audio recorder and want to make sure we can capture the presenters as well as any questions and contributions from the floor.

Where possible we power the kit with batteries as it’s much more convenient, easier if we need to move and safer than being plugged into the mains. There is not much of a risk of electrocution but trailing wires can present a significant trip hazard. Taping them down is not an option if the camera needs to be moved so I tend to use rubber matting to cover any cables.

It’s not always possible to get on with editing either. The film of the archaeological dig at the site of the Battle of Fulford is almost done but I’m waiting on photos from the previous excavations, some images from Sweden, maps of the site and a couple of illustrations from a local artist. We still have a few more locations to shoot for Landscapes and I’ve cut together several sequences but I’d rather wait until we have the rest of the footage and the interviews in the can before committing to edits that might later need changing.

So, they might just be bits and pieces but they’re all essential tasks, plus it keeps my busy and out of trouble!