The Battle of Fulford

Everyone knows about William the Conquerer, 1066 and the Battle of Hastings but very few people are aware of the other conflicts that form part of a larger campaign by King Harold. In July this year, at Germany Beck, Fulford to the South of York, there was an archaeological dig to establish once and for all the site of the Battle of Fulford, the first military engagement of that fateful year where a Viking army defeated English troops defending York.

Working with lead archaeologist Dr Jon Kenny, Chas Jones of the Fulford Battlefield Society and Mari Wickerts from Gothenbug City Museum, filmed extensively over the two week period of the dig. Shot mainly on Sony A7s DSLR, with some additional HD filming on Sony Z5, we covered every aspect of this community project.

Jon Kenny is our guide and takes us through the history, geology and geography of the site and explains the unfolding process. Various members of the team also share their perspectives including a range of volunteers from the local community. The painstaking and back breaking work of uncovering the secrets of the past are also brought to life by a colourful Viking re-enactor who shows off some of the many meticulous researched recreations of artefacts that they employ. “If it hasn’t been found, we don’t use it.”

Test results and analysis of all the finds will not be available for some weeks but the edit is almost complete. We’re waiting on maps and illustrations and have only just got hold of all the photographs of finds from previous digs but we have cut together a short trailer. Chas Jones asked for something to help with Crowd Funding for the ongoing cost of the project and the next phase of the exploration.

The two minute short is already causing quite a buzz and the Archaeolgy Department at York University has offered to host the screening of the finished film. And we’ve had a request for a showing at an international conference in Scandinavia. The trailer is now available on the home page.