Battle of Fulford – Update

First thing Thursday morning presenter Dan Snow was at Germany Beck filming a piece for a BBC film about 1066 to be screened in 2016, the 950th anniversary of that fateful year. The work Chas Jones and Jon Kenny have done in excavating the site proved to be of great interest. In his capacity as President of the Council for British Archaeology, Dan was only too pleased to interrupt filming and record a short endorsement for our film. This will be edited into the trailer we have already produced and will give a significant boost to the fund raising effort.

At Oxford, Dan gained a double first in history and started presenting military history programmes with his father, Peter Snow, including the BAFTA winning Battlefield Britain. As an experienced broadcaster, his succinct summing up of the complex historical situation was an object lesson in the art of TV presentation. Factually accurate, to the point yet interesting and engaging, his enthusiasm transmitted through the lens direct to the viewer. It is that ability to make a connection to the individual watching at home that makes a good presenter.

That’s why people like David Attenborough are so popular. They speak with apparently effortless authority without patronising the audience and, at the same time, make you feel as if they are talking only to you. It’s one thing to know your subject inside out, it is also something to be able to explain it to other people. To do it successfully on camera is another thing entirely.

Our film will be ready in the new year, the University have offered to hold the premier at Kings Manor, one of historic York’s most attractive, interesting  and unusual sites, probably during the Jorvik Viking Festival in February.

Some good news from Dr Jon Kenny who was awarded 2015 Community Archaeologist of the Year by the Council for British Archaeology!