Wind Noise

Filming up in the North York Moors at Commondale, about half way between Middlesborough and Whitby, and the wind was whipping up the valley, buffeting kit, crew and Archaeologists. Shooting on DSLR and recording audio on the Tascam 70D using a Sennheiser gun mic in a Rycote basket and windjammer – the big, grey fluffy thing that looks like Dougal the Dog from the magic Roundabout.

I’ve been using this piece of kit for over 20 years but never truly appreciated just how good a job it does and how important it is for good quality sound recording. The wind noise on the built in camera mics was so loud that it was virtually impossible to make out what was being said. Without the peak in the waveform and the clapperboard in shot, it would have been almost impossible to synch up the audio to the pictures.

But there was absolutely no wind noise on the Tascam recording. All the voices, the sound of scraping trowels and all the other ambient noise was captured perfectly. Looking at the film afterwards, I would never have believed it was so windy but you can clearly see the grass waving, clothes flapping and hair being blown about. Check out “Beyond Boundaries at Commondale” on HCTV